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Application and installation of anti-theft screws

Update:27 Jul 2019

The application and installation of the anti-theft scre […]

The application and installation of the anti-theft screw, as in the case of other conventional screws, the anti-theft screw also has some special functions to accomplish certain tasks. Whether the anti-theft screw is made of stainless steel or carbon steel, this device is used to replace the screw fasteners needed to prevent theft in mechanical equipment without dismantling and rebuilding any part of the equipment. There are several types of anti-theft screws, which are usually made of stainless steel. As described here, it has an extendable screw that prevents theft. The screw spans the cavity and is shaken. The resin slurry is fixed in various mechanical devices or devices. In addition, the screwing method can be used once for fixing the stainless steel anti-theft screw or the carbon steel anti-theft screw. Such devices are usually installed from the outside of the device, but can also be installed from the inside of the machine if required.
For the installation instructions of the anti-theft screw, if the anti-theft screw does not have a receiving ring in the center of the loading device, the direction of the anti-theft screw is slightly inclined downward when the entire device is installed. The anti-theft screw device can be successfully used in a variety of complex mechanical structures, but should not be used in brick structures that are saturated with rain.
Years of experience from China's senior screw factory, the anti-theft screws must be carried out in the following steps during application and installation:
1. Drill a hole according to the specified diameter so that the hole penetrates the mechanical carrier and reaches a predetermined depth in the inner carrier. The drill bit should be positioned so that it penetrates the brick rather than the seam.
2. Insert the anti-theft screw into the hole of the mechanical device, and then push the extended anti-theft screw into the hole with a drill bit. The operation method is the same as that of the ordinary screw fastener, so as to avoid excessive mixing of the anti-theft screw and the device.
3. After the anti-theft screw is installed, be sure to hide the anti-theft screw head that is bare outside, and do not expose it to the outside.
4. Repair the holes drilled into the mechanical equipment when installing the anti-theft screws.