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Blown film machine screw advantage

Update:04 Apr 2019

1. The blown film machine screw adopts the most advance […]

1. The blown film machine screw adopts the most advanced alloy spraying technology. After precision machining, the hardness is higher, the corrosion resistance is better, the service life is longer, and the life of the nitriding treatment screw is 2~3 times;

2. The long diameter to diameter ratio of the screw is large, the plasticizing ability is strong, the temperature distribution is uniform, the automatic temperature control, and the blown film bright and uniform product has good performance;

3. The whole machine is compact in structure, stable in operation, single-arm structure, economical and practical, and the traction device is integrated and can be adjusted and lifted automatically;

4, using advanced frequency conversion technology, high efficiency and energy saving;

5, the variety of curls can be arbitrarily selected;

6, the rotating head can be configured according to user needs.