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Function and use method of screw of injection molding machine

Update:06 Mar 2020

Screw is an important part of injection molding machine […]

Screw is an important part of injection molding machine. Its role is to transport, compact, melt, stir and apply pressure to the plastic. All this is done by the rotation of the screw in the barrel. When the screw of Qingdao Jimo injection molding machine rotates, plastic will cause friction and mutual movement between the inner wall of the barrel, the bottom surface of the screw groove of the screw, the advance surface of the screw edge and the plastic. The forward movement of plastic is the result of this combination of movements, and the heat produced by friction is also absorbed to raise the temperature of the plastic and melt the plastic. The design structure of the screw will directly affect the extent of these effects.

How to use: 1. Do not start the machine when the barrel does not reach the preset temperature. The new electric heating generally requires the temperature to reach the set value for 30 minutes before operating the screw
2. If the machine is stopped for more than half an hour, it is better to close the blanking port and clean the material in the barrel and set the insulation
3. Avoid foreign objects falling into the barrel to damage the screw and barrel. Prevent metal fragments and debris from falling into the hopper. If processing recycled materials, add a magnetic hopper to prevent iron filings from entering the barrel.
4. Make sure that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted when using anti-delay, so as not to damage the transmission system parts when the screw is retracted
5.Avoid screw idling and slipping
6. When using new plastic, clean the barrel's expected
7. Avoid mixing POM and PVC into the barrel at the same time, the reaction will occur at the melting temperature and cause serious industrial accidents.
8. When the temperature of the molten plastic is being produced, but the black spots or discoloration of the molten plastic is continuously found, check the screw check ring (pass rubber ring, meson) for damage. )