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How to buy high quality screws

Update:29 Jul 2019

Although the screw is small and significant, the inform […]

Although the screw is small and significant, the informal name is also called “special screw”. Because of its wide range of uses in industry, it is called “industrial rice”. Everyday life is inseparable from it. The decoration of ordinary people is roughly counted. There are 886 screws for doors, windows, furniture, pipelines, home appliances, etc. used in a home of more than 110 square meters. For general home renovation, the total price of screws that may be used does not exceed $1,000. But this small thing of less than a thousand dollars can not ignore its quality. Over the years, due to the simple process of screws, nuts, production technology, and low market entry threshold, screw manufacturers have fallen into a low level of competition. The market is full of inferior special screws that do not meet the national quality standards. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish them in the market. inferior.

Among them, the inferior goods are easy to fall off during the moving process due to the shallow thread on the furniture. There are also some non-standard screws used on the pipeline. Because the anti-rust treatment is not enough, it will smash in a short time and water leakage will occur. The counterfeit expansion screw used on the chandelier is even more dangerous. Once the bearing strength is insufficient, it is easy to cause a heavy object to fall. How can we purchase high quality special screws? One: measuring the outer diameter, the inferior quality is thin and short, obviously thinner than the national standard qualified screw. What's even more surprising is that there are no inferior products with spring washers on the screws. The spring washer is mainly used for pressurization, and the expansion screw lacking the spring washer is not easy to fix. Second: look at the appearance, the genuine screw is treated by the surface process, the gloss is high, and there is no smooth interface at the breeze. The inferior screws have rough process, shallow thread, many burrs, different screw angles, too shallow thread grooves and uneven threads. If such inferior screws are used on furniture, it is easy to slip or even break. Sex products." Third: check the certificate of origin of the product. If the place of origin comes to Dongguan, Guangdong Province, the pass rate is better, because there are supporting manufacturers of export products, the product quality requirements are more strict, and the quality is more secure. The last is to find the integrity of the big brand screw manufacturers to purchase the quality is more guaranteed.