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How to remove the screw barrel

Update:08 Nov 2019

The screws used in the injection molding machine and th […]

The screws used in the injection molding machine and the extruder are similar in appearance. They are a cylindrical, long, threaded rod with a threaded groove. According to the thread type, there are two types: the mutant type with the same depth and the sudden change of the thread depth. When using the screw device of the injection molding machine, special tools should be used, and the hammer should be banned. The specific device steps are as follows.
1. Device nozzle and the connection between the nozzle and the barrel.
2. Separate the rear key joint from the drive shaft.
3. The device is connected to the flange and the screw is moved forward.
4. When the head is exposed to the barrel, the device is connected to the thread immediately (stable: here the thread is also ordinary and mostly left-handed).
5. The check ring and seal ring on the screw of the device.
6. The nozzle, check ring and sealing ring on the device should be cleaned immediately with copper brush and shovel tool to clean the residual material of each part. Cat materials that are difficult to clean should be heated in an oven at a low temperature that softens the material and then dissipate the residue.
7. Assemble the parts together, and apply the molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease to each threaded joint to facilitate the next installation.
8. The rod that is temporarily inconvenient to be used should be coated with protective oil after being cleaned outside, wrapped and hung in a safe place on the side.