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Injection molding machine equipment control system

Update:18 Feb 2020

The injection molding machine control system is general […]

The injection molding machine control system is generally composed of computers, electrical components, hydraulic components, servo controllers, closed-loop control systems, and so on. Due to cost reasons, the injection molding machine is not equipped with a closed-loop control system as standard. Unless there are special requirements, all are open-loop control. The so-called servo motor closed-loop control is only the motor speed servo control, not the injection machine pressure and flow closed-loop control.

At present, domestic injection molding machine computers include imported and domestic products. If it is a general product, everyone performs similarly, and the computer is rarely broken. However, for high-speed thin-walled and high-precision products, the difference in computers comes out due to the difference in computer response time. Injection molding machine manufacturers specially designed injection molding machines based on customer products, and their computers basically meet the requirements of their injection molding machine performance.

Compared to injection molding machine computers, there are more problems with servo controllers, but there are not many domestic suppliers in servo control. Therefore, there is not much difference in the performance of various brands in terms of failure rates in this regard. Hydraulic control components are very mature abroad, and there are only a few manufacturers, and the failure rate is very small. However, domestic manufacturers have generally performed in this regard, and have more problems. However, domestic hydraulic accessories are rarely used on injection molding machines, and most injection molding machines are basically not used.