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Introduction of heating method and power of granulator screw barrel

Update:19 Jan 2020

In the plasticizing process of the injection molding ma […]

In the plasticizing process of the injection molding machine, a large part of the pelletizer screw barrel is mainly dependent on the barrel heating.

Granulator screw barrel heating method:

The machine heating is widely used in resistance heating, and the thermocouple is used to achieve segmented temperature control and side detection. Resistance heating is to use the resistance to generate heat to heat the barrel, and then transfer the heat to the plastic inside the barrel. Resistance heating mainly includes strip heaters, cast aluminum heaters, ceramic heaters, etc. These heaters have the advantages of small size, easy manufacturing and maintenance.

Granulator barrel heating power:

When determining the heating power of the barrel, in addition to considering the heat required for plasticizing, the productivity requirements of the injection molding machine must also be met to ensure that the barrel has a sufficiently fast temperature rise rate. The heating time of the machine is not more than 30min for small machines, and it is about 1h for large and medium machines.