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Screw barrel removal method

Update:15 Nov 2019

When the injection molding machine barrel screw sometim […]

When the injection molding machine barrel screw sometimes has problems, it must be removed and the equipment must be carried out from the beginning. At this time, the operator must follow the correct method. If the operation is not proper, the injection machine barrel screw is easily damaged. When the barrel of the injection molding machine is dismantled, it is not blind and careless. It should be carried out according to the positive solution. Then, how to disassemble the barrel of the injection molding machine? Injection molding machine barrel screw shifting method?

Disassembly and assembly of screw barrel:

When assembling from the beginning, the reverse steps of the disassembly are performed and the components of the device are sequentially. When two workers are doing this, they must be reminded of each other's safety.

Pay attention when tightening the barrel head bolts:

1. It must be a bolt with a strength class of 12.9, and evenly apply a heat-resistant grease (such as MoS2) to the thread surface of the bolt. Tighten the diagonal bolts evenly as shown in Figure 10-5, each time several times. Use the appropriate torque. Good use of torque wrenches.

2. Tighten the bolts afterwards. If the bolts of the heating cylinder head are tightened too tightly, the thread may be damaged, but if it is too loose, it may leak.