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Some of the main advantages of twin-screw extruders

Update:05 May 2019

· Improve mixing ability Twin-screw extruders have diff […]

· Improve mixing ability
Twin-screw extruders have different screw designs and a wide range of interpenetration. This helps to properly mix the resin.
Different types of screws, such as a kneading screw and a reverse screw, can precisely shear the resin. This allows for the extrusion of a uniform material.
· Improve process flexibility
Twin-screw extruders can handle a wide range of processing functions in one extruder. These features include mixing, melt ventilation and cooking.
This is possible due to the interdependence of screw acceleration.
·High productivity
The twin-screw extruder has high productivity, which is the result of its ability to handle a variety of raw materials. It also handles different mixing formulations at different screw speeds.
Twin screw extruders are economical when you analyze their operating costs. It uses less raw materials and has a higher output level.
In addition, energy consumption is low, which ensures you get the most out of your production.
Don't forget, because it is flexible, you can produce plastic tubes of different designs.