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Use and maintenance of plastic injection molding machine

Update:10 Feb 2020

Use and maintenance of plastic injection molding machin […]

Use and maintenance of plastic injection molding machine:

Use of injection molding machine: The use of injection machine includes the operation of the injection machine, the adjustment of the process conditions of the injection machine, the preparation before driving and the end of work at the end.

(1) Preparation before the end of driving and finishing work at the end: before driving: check whether the surface of each moving part (rod, guide rail, guide rod, oil cylinder, etc.) is clean, lubricate the moving parts, check whether the fastener Loose, whether the circuit, oil circuit, water pipe are connected reliably, whether the heating device is connected reliably, whether the thermocouple is in good contact with the hopper, check the oil quantity of the hydraulic device, and open the cooling system.

After the end of each processing, firstly close the flap of the hopper blanking opening. Using "manual" operation mode, after the injection seat is returned, pre-plastic and air injection are repeated to drain the remaining material in the barrel as much as possible. Secondly, adopt the "adjustment" mode to close the mold in a free state, then cut off the heating power, turn off the oil pump motor, the main power and cooling water.

(II) Operation of the injection machine: 1. Operational safety: Before each operation, check whether the safety door of the injection machine is reliable. Do not reach into the clamping mechanism while the machine is running. When picking up the product, the safety door must be opened. Never close the safety door when your hand is not completely out of the safety range. During the operation, the hand must not reach between the nozzle and the mold gate or the part where the injection machine has relative movement. When repairing the mold, if the maintenance personnel work in the mold clamping mechanism, the oil pump motor must be turned off.