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What are the advantages of screw injection molding machine

Update:31 May 2019

Compared with a plunger injection molding machine, a sc […]

Compared with a plunger injection molding machine, a screw injection molding machine has the following advantages:

1. The quality of screw-type pre-plasticized raw materials is better than that of plunger-type plasticized raw materials.

2. The screw type is better than the plunger type.

The plunger type injection molding machine uses a plunger to sequentially push the raw materials falling into the barrel into the plasticizing cavity at the front end of the barrel. The raw materials in the cavity are supplied with heat according to the peripheral heater of the barrel, plasticized into a molten state, and then passed through the column. The rapid advancement of the plug injects the melt into the cavity of the mold and cools it.

The screw type injection molding machine is constructed in the same manner and working method as the plunger type injection molding machine, except that the plunger in the first barrel is changed to a screw. The raw material is first plasticized by a screw, and then the molten material is pushed into a molding die through a plunger to be cooled and molded.