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What is the problem of regular maintenance of the extruder screw

Update:14 Mar 2019

1 Clean and wipe the oil on each part of the extruder a […]

1 Clean and wipe the oil on each part of the extruder and the dust inside the electric control box.
2 Disassemble the reduction gear box and the bearing gland to check the quality of the lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil. If necessary, clean and change the oil.
3 Check the wear condition of various transmission parts. The gears with more severe wear should be mapped and prepared for replacement in the next repair.
4 Check the wear condition of the belt in the V-belt drive, and adjust the tightness of the V-belt equipment. The worn V-belt should be replaced.
5 Check the wear condition of the barrel and the screw. For mild scratches and worn rough surfaces, grind flat lubrication with oil stone or fine sand cloth, and record the actual measurement standard of the barrel and screw working surface.
6 Record the severely worn V-belt type standard and bearing type standard. After the protection and protection work, propose a damaged parts ordering plan and prepare for the next protection and protection.
7 Check and proof the difference between the barrel heating temperature (measured by the mercury thermometer) and the surface flash temperature value to ensure accurate operation of the extrusion skill temperature.
8 Adjust and test each safety alarm device to verify the reliability and accuracy of its operation.
9 Experiment, check whether the various pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are not clear, and repair the leaks and blocked parts.
10View and adjust the position of electric heating equipment, cooling fan and safety cover to ensure that they can work normally and properly