Bimetallic Extruder Screw Barrel

Bimetallic Extruder Screw Barrel

Bimetallic Extruder Screw Barrel

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Bimetallic screw Bimetallic barrel

The bimetallic barrel is a kind of barrel with a 2-3mm-thick alloy 

coat on the barrel inner wall which has the ability to resist abrasion,

erosion and high-temperature. And its useful service life is greatly improved contrast to common nitrating barrel. Bimetal has more obvious advantage when processing special plastics such as engineering plastics, fluoride plastics, PPO, etc.


Bimetallic barrel with Grade A,B,C

Alloy composition= tungsten carbide 88WC/1 2CO

Class A=36% Class B=25% Class C=9.5%

Alloy thickness: 2-3mm

Alloy hardness= 53-58. HRC ( HV850-HV 1000 )

Processing range= inner diameter Φ 16mm- Φ 200mm

Processing length= maximum 5000mm


1.Application: injection molding machine extrusion machine bakelite machine

2.Dimension: Φ 15mm- Φ 300mm

3.Effective length: 8000 mm

4.Bimetallic component: Carbonize tungsten (Wc/Co) Nickel base alloy (Ni+B/Cr)

5.Bimetallic hardness: HRC 580-650

6.Application: PA, PC, PBT, PS, ABS additive glass fiber and PC+ABS PC+PBT and other special engineering plastic,

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