Plastic Filament Extruding Machine Bimetallic Screw Barrel

Plastic Filament Extruding Machine Bimetallic Screw Barrel

Plastic Filament Extruding Machine Bimetallic Screw Barrel

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Qunying

Model Number: Bimetallic Single Extruder Screw barrel

Base Material: 38CrMoAIA/42CrMoAIA/W302

Surface Treatment: Nitrided Treatment/ alloy

Application: pp.pvc, wood pipe, plastic

Surface hardness: 900-1000HV

Surface roughness: Ra 0.4

Surface straightness: 0.015mm

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Products Details

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: PE Film and Standard Wooden Case

Delivery Time: 35 Days after Deposit Payment


Product Details:

Based material

1)38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645);               2)Cr12MOV(JIS SKD-11) ;
3)4Cr5MoSiV1(JIS SKD-61) ;                4)42CrMo(AISI 4140) 

Bimetallic Alloy Materials

1)Fe-based alloy     2)Ni-based alloy/Deloro alloy           3)Co-based alloy 
4)NiCo-based alloy             5)Tungsten carbide/Wolfram carbide 

Surface Treatment

High Frequency Treatment
Nitriding treatment(120 Hours):
Depth of Nitrided Layer: 0.5-0.8 mm
Hardness of Nitrided Layer: 900-1020Hv (HRC56°-65°)
Hard Chrome Plating treatment:
Thickness of Hard Chrome Plating Layer: 0.05-0.10mm
Hardness of Hard Chrome Plating Layer: ≥950HV
Nickel alloy plating.treatment:
Bimetallic Barrel/Cylinder: Centrifugal Casting (Inlay Alloy)
Bimetallic Screw: Plasma Alloy Coating Spraying
Depth of Bimetallic Layer: >2mm
Hardness of Bimetallic Layer: HRC55°-72°
Spraying corrosion wear-resisting dual metal layers

Basic information

Roughness of the surface:Ra0.4um
Linearity of the screw: ≤0.015mm
Linear axis limit: ≤0.02mm
Hardness after Hardening & Tempering: HB240-280
Fragility of Nitration:≤Two class

Material Application

1)General Plastics
3)PA + GF(Glass Fiber)
4)Flame-resistant Reinforced Plastics
5)Modified Engineering Plastics
6)All kinds of Mixed Recycled Material(in Scrap or Granule), PVC + 30% CaCo3, etc


The bimetallic barrel for single screw is a kind of barrel moulding 2-5mm thick alloy coat on the barrel inner wall which has excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high working temperature. And its useful service life is greatly improved contrast to the common nitrided barrel. Bimetal has more obvious advantages when processing special plastics to enhance the abrasion life, such as engineering plastics, flourine plastics, PPO, and etc.

The company uses special alloy powders being sprayed and welded on the screw's ridge, and used different alloys and welding methods for the screw of different functions.

The advantage of bimetallic screw: strong abration resistant, good for the 30% glass fiber and reworked materials.

Skin characteristics

1.super hard alloy of high density, low porosity and high hardness

2.uniformity heating of powder and low strength pressure

3.can effectively smooth spray.

4.high dynamic energy and uniform hardness

5.with high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and high temperature resistance properties.

6.The adhesion force, can be processing, coating thickness

Hardness: HV1100-1400

Adhesion strength: Above 10000 Ps

Alloy powder of tungsten carbide ( WC ).

Nickel chromium alloy ( NiCr )

Self fluxing alloy ( also according to the different material, the use of alloy powder mix )



The barrel inner hole centrifugal casting of metal, alloy screw and barrel, with wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, commonly used  lens, transparent shell, cosmetics containers, transparent acrylic, nylon, PVC, PC, PPA, PPO, PPS, PA6T, LCP, ABS, bakelite, fire PC+ glass fiber, Nylon + glass fiber , powder , ceramic powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, electric injection molding machine.


Screw & Barrel Use Material

Raw material

The finished product processing equirements

38CrMoAIA, SACM645, 40Cr, AISI4140, 42CrMo

Bimetallic of the inner hole centrifugal casting


Nature hard after high temperature


Screw Process:

Blanking ->Punching ->Rough turning ->Hardening & Tempering ->Finish turning ->Rough Milling ->Finish Milling ->Make grooves for bimetallic ->Bimetallic by PTA ->Rough Grinding ->Rough polishing ->Make splines or Keys ->Nitriding ->Finish Grinding ->Polishing ->Packing & Delivery

Barrel Process:

Blanking ->Punching ->Rough turning ->Rough Boring ->Hardening&Tempering ->Finish Boring(0.4-0.8mm) ->Make grooves for bimetallic ->Bimetallic by PTA ->Finish Grinding ->Finish turning ->Milling the feeding hole & exhausting holes ->Nitriding ->Make other small holes,thermometer hole,location hole->Grinding surface of feeding hole & exhausting hole ->Polishing ->Packing & Delivery



1.What is Qunying -Machinery feature goods?

Qunying are leader Producer in:

-HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE blowing film extruder single screw and barrel:different design to meet client request on production

-PP/PE granulation or recycling screw barrel:New geometry design according experience modify.

-PVC pipe/profile/componds/sheet/foam board:Professional Produce Experiece on both China & Europe extrusion machine.

-HDPE/PPR pipe high capacity single screw barrel:Big L/D design,high speed,high capacity.

-Haitian,ChenHsong brand machine injection screw barrel supplier in China

2.Qunying main market

-Europe / Middle East / South America / South Africa.

3.Any oversea service or not?

-Oversea service is available if client request. Buyer afford cost.


Company Information

ZHOUSHAN QUNYING PLASTIC MACHINERY MANUFACTORY is a professional manufacturer of extruder screw barrel, injection screw barrel, parallel twin screw barrel, conical twin screw barrel, rubber screw barrel, bimetallic screw barrel and other various types of screw barrel. At present, Qunying SCREW have a professional design experienced production team. We are located in east of Zhoushan city, zhejiang province, close to Shanghai, Ningbo port.

ZHOUSHAN QUNYING SCREW has strong technical force, equipped with advanced equipment and strict tests. Mostly products materials are selected from high quality powder alloy steel with the best materials to exploit market and most new materials, add reasonable process design through tempering, molding, qualitative, nitriding, fine grinding, polishing process of refining. So that the screw barrel has super-hard resistance wear, corrosion resistance, fracture resistance. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we company also provides product design, surveying and mapping, sample processing and repair manufacturing business. All of our products comply with international quality standards (ISO9001-2000). Since the establishment of the company, we are getting greatly appreciated and praise from new and old customers around the world. We will insist on the principle of quality, honest to customers, and provide our customers new information of the products and offer good quality products with good price.

Till now, our screw barrels have been exported to more than 40 countries all over the world, like USA, India, South Africa, Turkey, Russia and so on. We sincerely welcome customers to negotiate consultation and exchanges guidance. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursue and goal.

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